Mr. Tweet Tweet - bracelet in sterling silver and brass

Mr. Tweet Tweet - bracelet in sterling silver and brass


Two gold birds facing each other in a sterling silver bracelet. As part of the Everyday Objects collection this bracelet makes the perfect companion for your everyday adventures. Each bird is casted solid in brass and soldered to a sterling silver bracelet that is hand forged, then polished to a mirror like surface and comes in a gift box with care instructions, ready to wear and gift!

Also available in full sterling silver, be sure to select a size for the bracelet.

How to Measure for Bracelet Size

  1. Measure around the wrist at the wrist bone. Choose a place where you would normally wear a bracelet. To take the measurement, use a bracelet gauge, a ribbon measuring tape or even a strip of paper and a ruler.

  2. To use the strip of paper, mark where the end of the bracelet needs to be and then measure the paper with a ruler. No matter the method, the measurement is the wrist size.Increase the wrist measurement in the following increments to determine the bracelet size for how you want the bracelet to fit.

    • Add 1/4 to 1/2 inch for a snug fit.

    • Add 3/4 to 1 inch for a comfortable fit.

    • Add about 1-1/4 inch for a loose fit.

The birds in this bracelet measure: 0.9 cm high x 1.8 cm wide x 0.45 cm deep

Estimated fabrication time for this item: Ready to Ship for medium size, 1-3 days for any other size.

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