Mr. Tweet Tweet Bracelet

Mr. Tweet Tweet Bracelet


Two gold birds with a sterling silver bracelet.

This lovely bird is my very own accomplice in my days at the workshop. It is always singing and keeps me company while doodling new pieces or crafting orders. Bringing it with me makes me smile and reminds me there is always time for jewelry since it was my very first piece back at jewelry school. Since then this little fellow has flown to a lot of new houses beginning personal stories. What will be yours?

The birds in this bracelet measure:

0.9 cm high

1.8 cm wide

0.45 cm deep

Each bird is casted solid in brass and soldered to a sterling silver bracelet that is hand forged, then polished to a mirror like surface and comes in a gift box with care instructions, ready to wear and gift!

Choose your wrist size: small, medium or large when ordering.

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