Barbara Magana Perez

Since I was a little girl I have spent countless hours circling objects, trying to figure out their essence. I knew I wanted to grow up to be the one that made them and many years later I became an Industrial Designer. I now was able to design and fabricate objects but something was missing.  I eventually found in jewelry  a combination of everything that appealed to me: love of design, the intricacy of the little details, artistry and the chance to impress passion upon an inanimate object.

Six years and lots of sketches, contests, shows and a couple of diplomas later, I founded la .objeteria jewelry on the summer of  2011 in Monterrey, Mexico. Nowadays I live in the Seattle, WA area in the United States and from here I handcraft and sell my work worldwide. If you don´t find me and my beloved studio dog Pomerina  inside my workshop you are likely to do so at a craft fair or even traveling, something that I love and keeps me inspired.